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What is the Child Identification Kit?

The Child Identification Kit is a small identity passport containing a child's photograph, fingerprint, blood type, and hair DNA sample. This identity passport is kept safely by the child's parent(s) and/or guardian(s).

How They Work?

An ink strip is provided for the child's fingerprints to be taken, then placed in the special location inside the card. A strand of hair pulled from the root to get the DNA should be placed in the clear bag included in the kit. A current photograph on an annual basis will help keep the information up-to-date. Your child's birthday is an easily remembered date to do this. Then seal the kit and keep it in a secure but readily accessible location. Should the information ever be needed, the kit will save valuable time.


They Are Available At...

Child ID Kits may be ordered by completing an order form and returning it by email to admin(at) or fax to 613-741-4425. Shipping charges may apply.